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5 Insider Hacks to Save 50% Travel budget in Hong Kong!

We have been asked by many foreign friends that which places to go for the first time visit in Hong Kong. Some of them choose to take the Big bus tour to scroll around, others like to pick some popular points from traveler’s guide or websites. Hong Kong is an amazing city that you can take different travelling style, depending on your need. And there are lots of travel information on the internet that you can easily find. We have local tours, a well established Hong Kong Tourism Board Website and blogs introducing the attractions of Hong Kong.  However, our friends always meet the same problem- the information is so scattered that they need to use quite long time to organise them and plan the trip. They often ask us what authentic activities we suggest ?  What local foods or restaurant we recommend to them? Where can I take a cup of coffee near my hostel?…

Here we are going to tell the 5 Big Tips that you should know to save your time and budget when you visit Hong Kong.

  1. Visit during Off-Peak Season
     BuzzSIM - Europe Sim Card For Tourist - Travel Sim USA - AirSimThe weeks near Chinese New Year, China’s National Day (1 October) , Labor’s Day (1 May) and Christmas are the busiest time of Hong Kong. People from mainland China usually visit Hong Kong during these long holidays. It’s a better choice if you avoid these peak seasons, to save a lot on the accommodation budget and the queuing time at the attractions.You can also check our “Festival” Page to check more special festivals and events in Hong Kong.Visiting on weekdays will be less crowded on weekends. Normally, ticket prices will be 10-20% more expensive than those of Monday to Friday.
  2. Get a responsible Travel Plan

    No matter you are a well-prepared or last minute traveler, exploring responsibly contributes both the local society and the environment. Try to take more public transport instead of rental a car, immerse into the local authentic culture, bring along your travel personal items. There are many books and websites introducing different attractions of Hong Kong, you may feel tired to collate all the resources. Our local team had done researches and prepared a free version of responsible pocket guide for your to explore independently. We give public transport tips, budget and clean accommodation advice and local sight seeing points recommendation. Download  At the first glancewhen you come the first time, it helps you to save up to 50% of your trip budget without loosing fun!
  3. It’s NOT a must to accommodate in Central area
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    Hong Kong is small and high efficient in transportation. Therefore, staying in Kowloon area is also very convenient to go anywhere. We have Metro system running from around 06:00 to  00:30. Hostels on Hong Kong Islands are generally more expensive than those in Kowloon side. As a backpacker, you also have more accommodation choices with low budget. (Check more Decent Accommodation Tips)
  4. Book events and online tickets in advance
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    Purchasing attraction and activity tickets online always save your time and money.There are lots of websites providing a group discount even you buy only one ticket on the same day(Sometime you can save 40% of the price). And you will discover the e-ticket pass queue is far shorter than the walk-in one. Popular Hong Kong ticket sites are: Eventbrites,Timetable, Klook, KKday . The first two options are aiming at event tickets while the later two are for attractions, local tour and special activities.
  5. Grab the FREE Chances
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    As a local, we can tell you that there are lots of free amazing things to do in Hong Kong. For example, do you know that part of the History Museum is free for entry? Hong Kong Film Archive provides free films ?You can spend no money to visit the Peak? We will introduce the free activities in our itineraries and the 20 Best Free Things in Hong Kong List. 

By Buzzpacker