BUZZPACKER is different from ordinary travel agency.

We aim at providing individual traveler with a comprehensive solution. With a range of high quality self-guided tour service, you are free to create your own unique adventure in a eco-friendly way. Forget about the annoying planning process and scattered information. We’ve done all for you.

You’ll have our itinerary pack including travel tips, insider recommendations, maps, infographic and all the information you’ll need during the trip. The notes are on point-to-point basis and explaining the customs behind, so that you’ll have a deep understanding about the city. Each route has been keeping updated by our local specialists. Don’t feel rushed or alone.

Just PACK YOUR BAG & GO now! We are right here for your every step of the way!

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We are a team of passionate backpacker and experienced local guide. We love the free traveling style and experience the authentic side of the place at an affordable budget. We believe that every one of us should make every effort to protect our earth and minimize the negative impacts of tourism on host community.  

We understand the hesitation for preparing the itinerary after a day of hard work. Don’t worry about the complicated planning process, we will cover that for you. 

More than just the regular sightseeing spots the masses go to, you will visit places that show the real life of the locals, rather somewhere crowded with foreigners; you will try the same food locals eat, not the tourist food made specially to the taste of foreigners; there is always someone trustworthy to help when you have problems in an unfamiliar country.