Art and Music

Putting Art and Music as an exploration theme in Hong Kong seems strange and rare. Although many of our friends are interested in this field, they don’t know where to find and have no idea what to see. In recent years,Hong Kong’s art market has grown up to the third-largest in the world, behind New York and London. This is a great place for art lovers, whether you like the western one or contemporary Chinese art. Fairs such as Art Basel, Art Central, Affordable Art Fait etc are running annually. And you can not only find the international blue chip galleries brands here in Hong Kong, but also many home-grown galleries. In these four days, we will hunt the street murals hiding in alleys, visit young local galleries and experience the Traditional Chinese art. At night, we recommend a couple of bars with excellent live bands. On top of that, If you like to enjoy a music performance in the special venues we mention, you can buy the ticket online in advance and arrange your own time. Giant Music Festivals like Clockenflap, Road to Ultra, ALTN8 etc are amazing and welcomed by many people.

Estimate self-exploring budget for 4 days : USD 400

Save 40% (US$ 251) in total budget compared to the general Hong Kong general visitor !

What's included?

4 Days Self-guided Exploring Tour

Is last-minute escape possible? Yes, you may travel by following our detailed itinerary at your own pace. Pick & Go without panic!

Exclusive Treasure Hunting Map

Immerse yourself in the local customs and culture by getting to know the colorful and vibrant ancient Chinese festivals celebrated in Hong Kong.

Budget Hostels / Transport / Cuisine Guide

Hong Kong is a “Gourmet Paradise” where you may find over 100 kinds of cuisines. With so many choices, what to eat? Where to eat? Leave these questions to us! We suggest various delicacy to suit each individual dietary habits.

Local Saving Tips

According to the government statistics, a visitor normally spends HK$ 6,614 in Hong Kong. Whereas, the average hotel room rate is HK$ 1,376 per night. We give insider recommendations in order to Save 50% Budget without losing comforts!

Itinerary Components

Street Art 30%
Heritage 30%
Chinese Art 25%
Exhibition & Concert 15%

Art and Music Travel Guide


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