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How to get the cheapest Hong Kong Hotel Rate online?


Many friends will surf the hotel agency online to book the accommodation. We all believe in the price we see on the internet. However, how about if I tell you that the search results actually are all varied for different persons, different computer or even different browsers? These systems use our cookies to determine which price to show. For example, one tricky thing is that if you have booked a hotel at certain price range before, the system may automatically eliminate any deals lower than that range for you. Does it sound strange? No worry. Let’s learn the 6 tricks to gain the best cheapest Hotel

1.Try a different browser or device

Many hotel booking websites use big data to gain greater profits, and will have different prices depending on their search records and preferences. You can try it in three ways, including: 1) clearing your browser’s cookies or switching to another browser; 2) using your peer’s account for searching; 3) using other devices for searching.

2. Use the App version or more

At present, there are also many websites that promote their mobile app. If you use the mobile app to search, you may have lower-cost results and more points. Ordering with the app is sometimes more discounted than the PC version.

3. Login member or more

In addition to the price network, some companies will also reserve some special offers for members. Also, members can earn account credits with each booking, others like offers 1 free booking after 9 stays!

4. Use coupon codes

Hotel booking websites usually have Coupon Codes available. There may be many types of coupon codes, such as credit cards discount codes or holiday discount promotion. Never be lazy for a search, It can help you save a lot! There are many websites providing a bunch of coupon codes. To learn more, refer to our 10 of the Best Websites to Find Coupons and Promo Codes

5. Lowest price guarantee

If you book a hotel chain, there is usually a minimum price guarantee for using its official website. If users find that the price of other booking sites is lower than the price you booked, you will be compensated for the difference and the extra rebate, so it is worth noting.

6. Miles, parity, pick yourself

You may have heard of booking a hotel on the Asiamiles website to earn extra miles. But in fact, you will sacrifice the opportunity to use coupons. Take Agoda as an example. If you search through HotelsCombined, you will be offered coupons and even discounts automatically; if you book the same on Asiamiles website Hotel, the price is higher, and the coupon code is not available, but in exchange for the accumulated flight miles, that’s what you have to think carefully.

The above hacks are already enough to save your pockets a lot on online booking, but if you are deciding to go to Hong Kong. It is recommended that you read the FREE local Hotel/Hostel  Tips in our  Travel Essentials as well.