Never Miss The 5 Secrets when you take Local TRAM in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Tram is probably the oldest and most historical means of transport in Hong Kong. It’s a bit rare to find such a nostalgic vehicle in this fast pace city, but it’s actually so popular among the citizens and tourists. Not only because it’s cheap, but also you can see beautiful scenery along the way in Hong Kong Island. Spending just a few Hong Kong dollars, you can enjoy an hour long trip. There are two types of Tram in Hong Kong – the ordinary one and the Oramicone.  The ordinary tram is the daily public transport (HK$2.6) while the oramic tram(HK$150)  is for tourist and sightseeing. You can Check the Schedule here.

The Tram is also called ‘Ding Ding’ because it has a ring making ding ding sound to alert the passengers. It passes the busiest street and narrow open markets so it’s amazing to take a ride on the upper deck to feel the Hong Kong daily life! If you are planning to experience the “Ding Ding” Tram, Check out our ‘At the First Glance” Free Self-guided Tour. We have listed out some of saving hacks to get discount on the Oramic Tram and recommended the best route to ride with the Tram, including 4-day Hong Kong Itinerary to visit the must-see attractions.

Before you ride the Tram, there are five important notes to remind:

1.Opposite Direction to Get on & off 

Unlike buses, you get on the tram at the end and get off from the front exit gate. You don't have to pay until you get off at the front gate.
2.Flat Rate
The fare HK$2.6 is the same for all direction and routes. There are western bound and eastern bound route between Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan . 
Compared to the Metro, it saves around 9 dollars each way.

3. Simple Route
 The route of tram is very easy. There are totally 6 routes running at opposite direction. It runs at the similar road, the difference between each route is just the 
starting point and ending point. (Schedule)  

4. Prepare early to get off

One of the special experience in Hong Kong is to crowd into the public transport. During peak hours at morning and afternoon, you will find hard to stand, let alone to walk from the end gate to the front gate. So, be ready to get off earlier!

5. Don’t miss the Chun Yeung Street Market

Take any tram with eastern bound route, you will pass the North Point Street Market (Chun Yeung Street) on the tram. The tram travel through the narrow open market and is so close to the stalls. You can hear the bustling and hustling life around, it’s just so wonderful! 

By Buzzpacker