3 Tips to Protect yourself from COVID-19 while Traveling


The COVID-19 virus is spreading wide in the world since Mar 2020. This highly infectious disease is spread primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Some patients will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness, while some infected people may not experience illness symptoms, so they have more potential to spread the virus. Many countries has been implemented immigration control to the international visitors. If you can not avoid to travel between countries, you need to pay more attention on the immigration control and self-protection. Here are some useful information you may need for your Hong Kong trip:

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Immigration Control of Hong Kong :


Since the virus is mainly spread through droplets of saliva or discharge from the respiratory tract, there are simple but useful measures suggested by professionals we can do to reduce the risk.

1.Always keep hands clean
Washing hands frequently with soap is an effective measure to keep you away from the germs. It is proved that washing hands for 20 seconds can reduce 90% of germs on your hands. You can also use the 70-75% alcohol.  And remember don’t touch your nose/mouth/eyes before your hands are cleaned.
Video of “How to clean our hands properly”

2. Wear a mask
A suitable mask can protect you from the saliva droplets. The recommended safe distance from health organization is 1.5m, so if you are going to visit area that is crowd of people, wearing a mask is a good option cause you will never know the one sitting next to you is infected or not. It’s not easy to find and keep the stacks of disposable surgical masks during the trip, so you can use reusable masks with filters, which can achieve the same goals. You can purchase the cotton masks with outer water-proof layer (to block the droplets) and then prepared a pack of filer sheet (block the virus and bacteria) for replacement. Wash the reusable mask every day by soap.

3.Put the lid down before flushing
The toilet bowl is full of bacteria and virus. Flushing water can rise the gems up to 4.5 meters and the bacteria can stay in the air for six hours. That’s why you should always close the lid before flushing.